Ways To Plan Time
My Semester, My Week, My Days

To make the best use of your time--for study, for work or for fun---you need to have a plan.

1. A Semester Schedule gives you an overview of your semester. It lets you see, in advance, which weeks are packed and which ones offer more flexibility. It includes all major events, exams, quizzes, papers and projects. Post it near your desk to keep the big picture in mind.

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2. A Detailed Weekly Schedule lets you plan the details of an upcoming week. You select the best times to do your studying, your exercise, your work and recreation. This schedule helps eliminate the constant need to decide between "should" and "want to" activities and gives you more flexibility.

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3. A Daily Plan: A To-Do List is a portable, prioritized list of things you need to do for that day. You can make it in just a few minutes and carry it with you to keep yourself on track and feel good about the things you are getting done.

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