Lecture Notes Evaluation
How Do My Notes Stack Up?

The lecture notes you take are your only record of the lecture. To be useful, they need to be legible, organized, complete and accurate.

Use the questions below to evaluate a set of your own notes. Be honest! Give yourself from 1 - 10 points for each statement. Then click "Calculate Your Score" to see how you rate.

Statements Points
1. The notes are dated.
2. The title of the lecture is clearly stated.
3. Additional headings/subheadings are clear.
4. There is adequate space between ideas and topics to show where new topics begin
and end.
5. There is enough organization to see how details relate to main ideas (i.e. indenting).
6. There are enough examples and details to make concepts clear.
7. There are transitional phrases or sentences that show how ideas are related.
8. The Recall Column contains a question about the title, each major topic or heading
and each term that is important to the lecture.
9. The Recall Column is not too crowded because there is enough space and because
there are not too many questions on small details.
10. The notes are legible and readable.


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